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Question: How does one evaluate a good producer and what variables should a singer look
for in a producer and weed out fakes and so called wanna be producers? How does
one know if a producer is legit or not?
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LaDream Records's response:
is there an answer to that question, i do not know. the question is how does a producer weed out wanna be singers? there so many singers out there who can not except criticism or direction musically from no one but themselves and in the industry they will never make it. Yes theres alot of so called producers out there but as a singer the only thing that you should be focus on is, the BEAT if its something you can write to and use then theres your judging marker if not then move on. this is not personall its business so as long as we judge with that stick the emotions and alttitudes will be removed and money can be made.

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