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Question: how do I send my Demo to a label company?and how do you know wich one is
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Nuri Amir's response:
Waste of time. That model doesn't exist anymore. You're better off making your CD and selling it at your live shows. The way to get signed these days is to put something out yourself, create a buzz by selling some units and establishing a fan base. Most big labels today are outsourcing to independent A&R companies anyway. People work for years to get A&R jobs so they can bring talent they've discovered already, or in most cases they're friends from the old days before they got the A&R V.P. Most A&R's are wanna be artists who're now wanna be manangers. I've been in A&R offices when the mail came in, guess where your Demo went. That's right, deep sixed in the pearl harbor file. The gopher getting coffee for A&R V.P. can get your demo heard. MAJOR LABELS DO NOT WANT UNSOLICITED MATERIAL.

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