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Question: I have an Audio engineering questions. I would like to your opinions on using
"doubles" on a track; can they be used througout the entire song, or only parts
of the song? Is there a 'general rule of thumb' as to where they should be used
and when they are the most effective? Also, what is your advice when it comes to
harmonies. What is the "technique" used in audio engineering to make them sound
'tighter' so they don't sound like a background vocal?
Answer by

Rod Clemmons's response:
Hello, Are you speaking of vocal doubling? If so it really depends on a few variables. If the song is a pop or R&B doubling might be used in choruses but hardly ever in verses. If it is some type of dance song you might find doubling more often and perhaps even all through the song. It really is a matter of personal taste but that is generally how vocals are done. As far as harmonies, they are usually doubled and sometimes even tripled and then it is a matter of balancing them. If you triple harmonies, which I usually do, pan one pass hard left, another pass hard right, and keep the third pass in the middle. This makes the sound balanced and full and wide. Hope that helps. Rod

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