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Question: I have noticed that almost every singing entertainer in the business writes
their own songs or is with someone who writes original songs. How do I make a
cd for example as a tribute to Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard or just an
assortment of great established songs that were not written by me? How do I do
that without getting into copyright problems? Thanks. Joe
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Rod Clemmons's response:
That sounds like a great CD idea. We are doing a similar type of project with an artist this year. The only issue is to get mechanical licenses for each song. The best place to go is harryfox.com. Do a song file search to see first if harryfox handles the song or songs and then it will tell you how much you will have to pay per song per CD sold. It's usually around 9 cents per song per CD. If you're doing a CD of say ten songs you should expect to pay about a dollar per CD for all of the licenses.

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