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Question: How does Music Business works? What is important to know in the music
business? Is it better to go indie or to sign with the label these days? Thank
Answer by

TRH Productions's response:
First of all you must understand that it is a business to make money so if you don't understand how your talent will translate into making money then I'd recommend playing music for the sole joy of your personal entertainment. Going with an indie is easier to break into the business as they are more open to fresh ideas, Labels like to play safe and go with what makes them more money... remember it's a business.. If you got the buzz around you and have a proven track record of selling your tracks without the big media machinery of the majors then you'll got a chance of catching the majors attention and selling yourself on your profitability. I find fans music taste changes way too often these days (unless your into country or latin) so you need to be ready to change with the flow of those consumers with expendable cash for music. Finally grow a thick skin because unless you find the right producer or agent or record company that's looking for exactly what you got... your going to hear a lot of "No thank you's"... I wish you success..

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