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Question: How do i find a good manager/agent? Answer by

TRH Productions's response:
Good question.. personal recommendations from other like artist is usually a good start. But you need to work with someone that really likes what you have to offer and can see great marketablity. Here is a good link to check out .. http://www.ncopm.com. Go to thier membership page.. they have listed there all Personal managers in the entertainment buisness.. This is the National Conference Of Personal Managers... here is an excerpt about this organization.....NCOPM members abide by a code of ethics which includes: having personal management as their primary occupation; dealing honestly and fairly with their clients; not deriving personal gains at the expense of clients; treating client relationships in a confidential manner; not encouraging artists to breach existing personal management contracts; being proud of the personal management profession; and exchanging information with other NCOPM members in the best interest of their clients. Most importantly, NCOPM members never accept a fee from a client on the promise of attempting to obtain engagements for the client. Good Luck..

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