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Question: I have an Audio engineering questions. I would like to your opinions on using
"doubles" on a track; can they be used througout the entire song, or only parts
of the song? Is there a 'general rule of thumb' as to where they should be used
and when they are the most effective? Also, what is your advice when it comes to
harmonies. What is the "technique" used in audio engineering to make them sound
'tighter' so they don't sound like a background vocal?
Answer by

TRH Productions's response:
The final product is what will dictate what, when and how much of anything you will want to use. Doubles on a track are used to thicken up a vocal track or as in Rap music give the Rap artist a harder edge. It becomes real obvious the difference when you hear a single track verses a doubled track... it's up to you or your producer to determine if that is what the track needs. Harmonies should be sweet and have that "hum" when played ala acapella... I will usually record the harmony tracks (as many as needed !!!!) and then mute out all music and lead tracks.. When I hear that sweet hum of the harmony tracks working together, then I know I got it.. Harmony tracks are TIGHT !!! any flucuation in the diferent parts leaves other parts exposed without the benifit of the other notes... No harmony !!. You can go the electronic route of course and use a harmonizer or have it done in the editing software... but there still is nothing like a true human voice.. Feel free to ask any other questions.

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