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About Amanda Mai
HI!!! My name is Amanda Mai. I am a country singer! I also sing some other ganres but deep down, I will always be a country girl! I LOVE singing! It is my passion. I have only been doing it for a little over a year now but I can't live wihtout it! I started singing back on November of last year at this internet radio show. It is called "The Barn", and literally, it is in a barn!!! =) But it is with a 3 piece band and it is broadcasted every sunday, live, at 3pm-4pm and 4:30pm-5:30pm at Also, the website is It is really fun! I don't go as much as I used to but every couples sundays I go. Hope you all can hear me sometime. That is where all of my music came from. Sorry about the short delay in some of them, but that is the few seconds we have to reherse! lol! They are really GREAT! I also sing karaoke a lot for practice. It is really fun too! I just think singing and performing for people is the best thing! I LOVE it!!! =D I have a myspace. The url is Go check me out. I am willing to devote my life to singing! It is what I hope to do for a career after high school and college. I don't plan on becomming famous, even though that would be AWSOME!!! lol, I just want to sing all the time. I want to sing morning, day, and night!!! I plan on going out to Nashville this summer when school lets out. I also plan on learning guitar too!!! I have sang with a couple local bands. One of them is the Rob Byer Band. I sang with them a couple of times at the Maryland Seafood Festival, a charity event for children, Ravens game, and just things like that. They are really great! Go check out their site too if you get a chance. and the rock band is Well, I hope you all like my singing. I love doing it! Thank you, xoxo Amanda Mai <3
Amanda Mai


great job! check me out!

wow great vocals. I love Martina you have such a strong voice in time when your voice is fully developed you are going to be untouchable. Thanks for the comments glad you liked the song. You can go to and hear more songs. Good luck in the future.

Peter Abbott

Hi Amanda, Very nice sing on this great song and top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

Michael Campbell

I love your voice! just work a bit on the pitch but you should persue a good producer. Great!

Young lady you have a great voice. Just keep on singing. One day I will hear that wonderful voice over my raido. All the best to you.

I know its very good. Let the pros decide how good it is!

Jimmy Holland

Hey, thanks for the comment..Love your new song baby doll,you are young so just keep it up!!Merry Christmas, Jimmy Holland


Greetings Amanda... I see you've got your songs loaded!! Cograts and all the best to you... thanks for stopping by to check out my tunes!! More coming in the new year!!

Owen Hurter

you have great potential!

i think you have good strong voice for your age but i think with a lil work because we all needed at times i think you would be a better R&B singer or pop

Peter Abbott

Hi Amanda, Nice sing on this great country song. Top marks from me! Hugs, Peter

Amanda Mai

hey yall, comment me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Amanda Mai!!!!<3

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