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McKenzie 8 years old. Started singing at age 3. McKenzie loves Hannah Montana, Miranda Lambert and of course Taylor Swift. After receiving a CD for Christmas this year (McKenzie's Greatest Hits) from McKenzie (produced by her 11 year old sister)finally made me realize how much she enjoys singing! Just yesterday McKenzie told me she wanted to sing for a living. We would appreciate any tips, tricks and advice to help make that happen for her. -Scott S. (Her dad/manager)


For the love of God, keep writing these artilces.

I have been so beiledwred in the past but now it all makes sense!

Sabrina Czako

wow!!! ur only 8!!! u sound fabulous!! check me out??

Devi sree

Just so awesome.............!

Great job Mckenzie, keep singing! : )

mikey cartwright

your really good :)


McKENZIE, You are an awesome singer, and have a bright future. Good /job and luck. Brooke

Very nice voice


McKENZIE, Even if nobody ever does discover you and find out how great you are. Remember this,... I Love You and am very proud of you and want you to keep chasing your dreams. -Love Dad (BGRDNCK)

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