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About David Wilcox
I Love to sing Country Music, My Favorite Artist are Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Josh Turner And George Strait. I've been singing since I was 15 yrs old. I started Playing Guitar and writing music in 1995. I Like Country And Christian Music Because it's straight from the Heart. I've written over 15 songs, One of my favorites is You can Always call on Jesus. My Dream is to be a Country Singer, And share with others the Gift that God has blessed me With. And even though I'm 45 I still think I have a shot. I hope you like My Covers And my own original songs.
David Wilcox


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Hello David! Very nice song and good job. Stop by here also sometimes.


I really like the words and music to this song. It sounds good.

u are the best singer in the world and i love u very much.Nice song my love

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