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About DaNica
Hi everyone I have been singing since I was real young. Some of my accomplishments have been winning at the world famous " Apollo Theater " in NY, and being crowned "Lancaster Idol" You can contact me on this web site if you ever have any question for me. The song #3 named "Believe" is an original song of mine.If you want to hear more of my originals please contact me.When trying to make contact with me make sure you e-mail this admin and let them know you need to get a hold of me.I have more of my original songs up on Check them out Love Ya's DaNica

gemma sedgwick

Beautiful voice girl xx

Danica wow you sound great..I LITERALLY freaked out when i listened to that i was wondering where that was coming from.Ur good.

Hi1 I'm Sakora, I think you have a FABULOUS voice! I'm 12 I LOVE to sing, you just made my day and encouraged me even more to pursuit my passion. I hope great things come to you because of your voice. You are very talented and have a strong voice, by looking at your picture I would have never been able to guess you can sing as strong and buetiful as you do.

I love #3!!! is there a way that I can the lyrics to the song so I can cover this on youtube?


nice voice i am child i am ten but i dont find good cites to register in

may god bless u.

Lady, you have an absolute beautiful voice. Don't ever stop singing. Do the dang thang.


wow you should be on x factor.

DaNica, girl you can sing. You go and show the world what you got!

omg you sound absolutely beautiful im actually trying to make a video to upload on here contact me 678 9145919

Tone Lindsey

Really nice voice, please keep it up!!!

I'm completely impressed..Been singing forever... Don't stop!

Outstanding voice. Like the previous comment by "anon" your timing is a bit off but other than that great job. Much success to you!

Hi, I thought I was listening to Jennifer Hudson, you are amazing!


wow girl u are an amazing singer keep it up. wow u are just 16 wow.

Good job. I can't believe you are 16. Keep singing girl. You have a great voice. Don't let anyone stop you. God bless.

very nice voice. work on your timing, though. it's shaky at times, especially at the beginning, "shaaare...". Don't rush like Whitney, lol. Take your time, breath in between, and let the rhythm carry you. Other than that, keep it up!

Alisa Ushakova

WOOOOOW Child you SANNG iT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rayne Michael



Wow, your voice is amazing! Funny, we live in the same state. You rock :D



i thogot where you live we should cach up some time are you still sick lol makayla

Christopher Roundtree

WHAT!!!!! Girl ur wonderful!!!!






your good can i have your voice


haay what you doin danica how are you

jealous much "yes mam" she has great voice and at only 16 she is one to watch!! only one that's trashy here is you with your words to a young 16 year old girl with a wonderful voice!!

not impressed. u look trashy too, expecially that belly hanging out.

Tisha lol You have an awesome voice!!! If you get a chance plz listen to my stuff :)

ummm a little pitchy here and there but its ok

You have a great big beautiful voice. There is NO QUESTION about that. But understand this, okay? It is not unusual for young artists to copy the original version a song. We all did that when we were starting out. But You are at a point now where you need to begin to explore that creative part of your brain and to put your OWN signature on the songs you sing. If I wanna hear Whitney, I can put on her CD. When I put YOU on, I wanna hear YOU, YOUR version of the song, not hers. Do you play an instrument? Start working less and less with backing tracks and start singing with your won accompaniment. These are the years to develop your artistry...your STAMP on a song. You're damn good...just sing to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS, okay??

Absolutely STUNNING. WOW.... I am at a loss for words.... very pure... omg... i loved it!!

Richard  Rojic

sounds good


DaNica, My daughter McKENZIE and I (BGRDNCK) really liked your original song. Keep up the good work

Sohini Mukherjee

wow!!! u r awesome!!!please check my song too. i am new here

Wayne I. Johnson

DaNica,you have a great voice,look,and I believe you have a long future ahead in Music if you are dedicated enough and pursue it with everything you have over the next few years.

Carrie M

Awsome voice, your only 16 and have a lot of talent.

you are good but some of your high notes you need to work on them but other than that you are good..ilike your voice

hey ur good

Alex Young

i can hear that u are classically trained or just born with natural talent. It was very good i dont have anything to say other than be careful on the very high notes ur not screaming i heard it a little but thats only because i have a very trained ear and am very keen on stuff like that everyone else who listened probably didnt even hear anything its not out there outright and ur not really screaming its just slightly on like one or 2 notes. SO basically its Flawless. U have a good enough voice i believe that if a record label scout came across you u would be signed. Me on the other hand I just recently got voice lessons in classical lessons im working on pop training myself but wont be anywhere near where i need to be to get signed for another year or 2 probably.

very beautiful sound you are really good I hope you good luck in what ever you do in life xoxo,Maggie/singer

Your tone is nice in most places. You need work with your attacks and releases. Try also to be more consistant with your vowel sounds. Lastly, you need to pay close attention to where you breathe. Quick, involved runs require proper breath support. I give you a six, which is very good. Most people on the radio don't do so well. Keep working on it and if you need help, feel free to email me. I started singing 18 years before you were born. I might know a thing or two.

you have a beautiful voice when i put mine on here plz comment them and tell me what you think

Gabbie Rae

DaNica - you have such a powerful voice - you are awesome. Good luck with everything you do - you are a star! Gabbie Rae




wow you have a fantastic voice hun xx

Dana Hoernecke

Now I'm gonna wait for your cd to come out!!! Your great! wow!

Casey Lynn

You are awesome!!! I voted for you and gave you a 10!! Please look at my page I am in the 10 -15 year old age contest.

nice songs

Girl,you have a great future ahead of you. You've got a great look and a powerful voice,and you can be developed into an Industry-ready product. The key is to keep going forward no matter what the obstacles or challenges,and to truly INTEND to be an Artist for life.....the long haul. It won't be easy and it doesn't happen overnight. Also,it is about getting trained properly to become Industry-ready,since great looks and a great voice cannot do it alone. There is much more to it beginning with attitude and heart. Be wary of who you get advice from and local or semi-pro singers around you are not the best place to get advice since there are many myths and legends floating around out there that can seriously hurt you and they may be following it. Only go with bonified Managers,Agents,and Record Company Pros for the RIGHT direction. You have awesome potential.

You sound amazing! Great job never give up.

excellent singer,

wow thats amazing


Wow! omg!

u ok i guess u might have wut it takes u alright just telling u the truth

omg i can't believe my eyes you are so amazing im mean are you a real singer cuz i want to be one one day are incridable gurl you sound like jojo

What an outstanding voice you have. I am amazed at your ease at which you deliver such a hard tune. You do it wonderfully. I applaude you.

immay thompson

nice pose

WOW!!!!!!!!! that is AMAZING!!!!!! anyone who can sing a whitney houston song like that!!!! is really great!!!! one thing that i have learned being a young signer like you is that when you choose songs that everyone falls in love with when an adult sings it and then a young girl sings it 4xs better!!! lol they just pee their pants!!! lol keep singing. you have an AMAZING voice. xoxo Amanda Mai

dang girl you have talent just listening to you inspires me to notgive up my best wishes to you!

hey girl nice voice! keep up the great voice hugs and kisses Alexandra

Mari Carter

great performance!!! excellent

Undeniably, your voice is immaculate. Your control is awesome and honestly I haven't heard anyone besides Whitney, Vonzel (American Idol), myself and now you, pull that song off that well. I applaud you tremendously.


Girl your original track it awsome! Get some good marketing and you are bound to be famous very soon!! ps! Please vote in this months contest! Shalyse~

All I can say is wow! Keep it up. Amazing!!!

For someone as young as you are (I say this cause I'm an old man,lol) I think you have a grand gift; Good tone, great range, etc. Keep doing what you're'll go far.

hey, i like your voice..i m an italian boy, i m 16!i don t know as i m arrived here!!greetings from italy!kisses

You need to sing an original song, not a cover tune, that way you will establish your own sound.Also start writing with an songwriter that has been writing and knows what he's doing.good luck

hey I love your voice its pretty nice and i love the song belive hey i hope you wouldnt mind aded me on msn id you have msn and maybe we could talk about singing well i half to go by best of luck

what a gorgeous ought to be proud of yourself.


That was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.. You have a beautiful, beautiful voice.. gorgeous tone & pitch. WOW. What a gift. =)

Lauren Medway

I like your song 3. Its really good.

omg your amazing i love how u do whittney houston ur really talented i also love the song u wrote i really think your amazing and u should go for american idol cause ur good from renee

hello iam steph nugent from the uk and i just want to say you are a brilliant singer.

your very good, not quite ready yet. you seem like you struggle a bit in some parts. but keep it up. and remember to breath when you have the chance, otherwise it shows when you belt.gdgd

Great voice and rendition, but you need a little reverb to make it superb. My partner and myself sing at Orchard Landing every Friday down here in Towson MD.We are Known as Silver & Gold.

You have a grate voice you should try gospel songs

lorna mcintyre

you sing i have nothing brill ,you do have something girl ,keep up the great work ,welldone!!!

Well your great love it!! like i said i wud really love for you to come and record with me in england!! and maybe do some gigs. i would love for you to. u go gal u will be a star!!! love ya KatexXx

wow girl you got it all the way from hawaii I am trying to make it check me out

You have a smooth, powerful voice, especially when you consider you're only 16! personally I'd rather listen to you than Mariah, can't give you any better praise than that! Only thing is - what seperates you from all the other Mariah/Xtina wannabees? Your song 'Believe' was pretty good but I didn't like the psuedo-rap. I'd drop that if I were you - it sounds dated. Anyway, hope you make a career out of this. You certainly have the talent. Later

omg ur voice is amazing. im from the uk and think that u have an amazing voice and maybe one day that i could be at your standards. if its possible could you email me . thanks

Michelle adams

you need voice training to learn how to control your voice. you shouldn't sing songs like the artist sings it mack the song yours.

I love your voice =). It's so pure! I'm 14, and I can only wish for a wonderful voice like yours. Keep the melody flowing, DaNica.

Loved your voice and songwriting skills. Would like to contact you in the near future about doing one of my Production Company's songs. We too are from the Philly area.

Wow, I really like "believe". I enjoy singing also and have competed in a "Gimme the Mike" contest. Original work is where the $$ is so keep up the work. You have a unique, clean, refreshing voice. Keep your dream alive, Earl.

ooooooooow my lord u are so good? biiiiiip i love your voice i really wonna have your voice? waaw can u help me maybe? do u pragtis your voice? or what? bye love u

You can buy my cd up on under Danica

Angelle Sanford

Your original sing, "Believe" showcases YOU, which is what a lot of producers look for. Keep up the career searching. AI might be great for you, and it might not. BUT, ALWAYS TRY! It always helps! :) Are you signed with anyone?

Hey I love your voice and I love too listen too it. Could you e-mail me any of your original songs because I just love listening too ur voice. If you could then thank you very much. Ba byez *+* Manda *+*

You go girl. See you in Hollywood


hello u have a great voice

Your Voice is beautiful and amazing at your age. I work with music and with alot of people, but nothing is like your voice. You will definitly make it, I like song number 2, had that hot r&b sound.

hgey awsome voice!

hey omg such an awsome voice, i wish i had you're vioce. You sound soo amazing! Awsome job, keep up good work.

Hey DaNica, you have a superb voice. Where did a girl from PA get soul like that? Must live in the Philly area:) You have to get yourself on AI next year. If you can pump out songs like these you will certainly be in the top2 and have a good chance of winning it all. One other question, how did you record these songs, studio with musicians or from karaoke type tracks with your voice added in? If you did it karaoke style can you tell me what kind of set up you used in house, (microphone, computer, music source) Would love to know because I would like to do the same and the sound of these recordings are what I am looking for. Great sounds from you. All the best, James

Excellent soulful voice.

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