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About Gabbie Rae
Hey everyone... I have been signed with Prolific Entertainment and just released my first single, "Neverland". You can download it for FREE at Please share the news with all your friends.. My CD should be released in the Spring...
Gabbie Rae


The hoesnty of your posting shines through

what song is this ?

i wanna see the video the new one i wanna see it so bad

Yvonne Goss


Omg Such A Good Singer For Being So Young It Almost ade Me Cry


where is your new fan club

i love ur singing i love u so much keep up ur bright spirit sorry i said that i was just kidding to make u sad then to brighten up ur mood i love brighting up peoples moods i can also sing as well i have won many of singing contest and i will keep up my spirit of singing only if u follow ur dreams

i cant hear u when u uploaded but i saw u and heard u u were so amazingly bad cause i couldnt hear u jk i loved uu

i just wanted to know how old you are!!!!! you are really good and i saw you yesterday at myrtle beach at broadway at the beach!

Faith Schafnitz

you are very very very good!! Amaizing! Keep it up! Don't ever stop..the world needs more people like you to brighten it up!

im ten to give me a text and we can be best friends i also can sing just like you im going to be put in recording studios


hey gabbie rae i just joine your page on tune 97 .com

i want to join your fan club website

Wednesday 18 Nov 2009 3:35 P.M. You sing that song so well Gabbie Rae, and I always like listening to it. Keep being that great singer that you are.

Thank you for giving me my best birthday ever, at the PourHouse. You are the best singer, ever.

Brandy Lee~

wow!! you are awsome kid..beautiful voice kiddo.

Shanitra neal

a breath of fresh air sweet !

Oh my goodness!!!! Gabbie Rae your voice is so beautifully balanced. Your great!Keep up the good work

Cherry Adekoya

I really love your voice. so unique. success!! Maybe you could give me a few tips!

beautiful voice,,,so pure, clear and mature,,, just loved it.

You sang my first dance at my wedding in August. I have been looking online for you singing "At Last" and can't find it. :( We were so lost in the moment and wish we could remember you singing that song. We do remember the one you dedicated to us though! Thanks so much, again!

love yah! you really are so great!


you are so amazing!

you sound really great speechless at all i love you you really rock.

Jazmyn Shannon

I cant believe ur only 10!!! what a beautiful voice :)


You sound wonderful sweetie!!! Keep going!

Hey, Gab....there is not enough words to tell you how awesome you and your voice are....God's gift for sure. Love ya.

what a terrific singer!

Hi Gabbie, I thank you for your positive words of encouragement and support; I really appreciate it!!!!!! I love your voice, very "commercial/radio" quality, nice vocal tone, beautiful range and power!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome sis!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, Carol

Hi Gabbie this is Hope's Uncle. Glad she send me the information about you. Great voice, keep up the great singing. I would hope to get to play guitar and back you up sometime. I vote for you. LPK

Hey gabb i love you soooo much i think you are doin an amazing job. keep up the great work... im voting for you okay i love you darlin!!!! mwah

Hey Gabbie, you are AWESOME. Keep up the great work. You will go far. I voted for you!

dear gabbie.. you have it all together, ..voice , charm,personality.keep on as you are..... best of luck

Hey Gabbie!! I worries! More than once! <3 Monica xoxo

I should have you open The Marion Country MusicFest, Oh, that's right you did!

Gabbie is going to be a huge star!!!! I'm voting for you!!!!!!

Hey Gabbie, You're the best!!! I'm voting for you!!!!!

Casey Lynn

You are awesome!! I voted for you

For a 10 year old you have a big voice. This is a beautiful rendition. You did a great job. God has blessed you with a talent. Thanks for sharing.

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