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About Lindsay
This is me. No studio, no production team of voice editors.. just plain old me. I love God and he has given us music to praise his holy name and thats what I do. I've loved music my whole life and always been apart of anything going on. I've done solo acts and work with a praise and worship team. I'm currently working on opening up my own home studio so I can record a professional demo/album. I'm also a writer. I write raps, rnb, and praise songs.

Peter Abbott

Hi Lindsay, Very nice sing on this great song and in Spanish as well. I voted for you, Hugs, Peter

Nice Voice. Do you have any more songs or videos?

Peter Abbott

Nice job on this song hon and top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

hi, nice song it was awsome

Umm..youre ears are bleeding..

You sing great!

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