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About James Ednie
I am going to be putting up a bunch of covers to show what I can do. I am looking for a band or producer that is professional and willing to make incredible music. I write record and play most of the instruments. Please send comments and suggestions or music if you're a band. Best of Life James
James Ednie


James, what's going on brother. I just heard your sister's song. Both of you sound great, keep the fire burning. Let's talk soon. Peace!

very edgy. Where is all these tears...dont worry i have my own cd. great work!


Hey Brother!! Don would be proud! You sound great! You better check out my page...I know where you live!

Love your voice mate, very pleasing on the ears. I like the pitch you sing in. You are a natural singer.

hi james i like ur song by the way i ahve uploaded mine now so cheak it out

James, "All The Tears" is a remarkably moving song and cuts right to the heart of the emotions experienced by many as a result of 9/11. You did an amazing job; thanks so much for sharing this song!

Jennifer Angeline

Really nice song, and great voice :)

Refreshing, beautiful voice!


Hi thanks for stopping by my page. I love your sound and your songs you should do well in the competition you are awsome. Linda

Shanay Nicole  L.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your music/songs. What an awsome thing you do! Keep it up! Can't wait to hear more.

Cool song, man!!

James Todd Johnson

Great sound and style. God bless you in all you do!

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