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About Jazmyn Shannon
You're listening to Me singing Tracy Chapman's hit "Give Me One Reason". The 2nd song I uploaded is me singing Sarah Mcglachlan's "Angel" and the video is me singing Peggy Lee's hit "Fever". Let me know what you think =) I played soccer for 11 years, ran track for 6 years. Modeling since I was a child. The talent that I am most proud of is my Singing Voice. Ive sang at numerous sporting events, talentshows, lounges, and ive written a few songs that i have yet to record
Jazmyn Shannon


Like it

i cant pull up your singing, on Angel.... I would love to hear that one... you have a great voice, very pure!


Great the Tracy Chapman tune :)


Beautiful job on Angel! Your other songs were wonderful. Keep singing!!


Hey Jazmyn, Just wanted to say, "Nice Job" on Angel. This is one of my favorite songs. Good job on the other songs as well. Although, Fever won't play for me at all. Good Luck in the Contest. God Bless, LaurieAnn

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