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Entry for KI 6 Jennitasia


Like the tone in your voice


You need to work on get a real demo and album out there.


Thanks so much glad you like it. You should check out my band Kettlefish at thanks again.......

Another gorgeous sing!!! Good luck :-)

Fantastic job!!!! Beautiful!!! Good luck :-)



Great job on this beautiful song Jen!!! Good luck to you! You have such a pretty voice! (((HUGS))) (^_^)

Great job Jennitasia!!! Best of luck to you in round 2!!! (((HUGS))) (^_^) Fran

ok, got it Jenn. Good job and good luck!

cant get this song to play properly. Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals too!

You have been heard! BTW, i am the new judge for Misc category, filling in for Jenn. Good job and good luck!

nicely sung, Jennitasia. Best of luck this week.

You sing so wonderful! Good job! Good luck to you! Regina

good job !! loved it !!!

I cannot get On My Own to play for me but I am sure that you did superb!

Jennitasia...that was just beautiful my friend!! What a sweet precious voice you have!!!

Best of luck you you sweetie.. sweetly done!! xoxo

You go girl!! you have such a sweet voice....

great job!!


Hey Well done!! Voted for you too :)

Nice work

Cherry Adekoya

Hey, i have a new song now, i would like you to check it out, okay? thanks. P.S: i love this song

You were awesome. You have a sweet voice. Love your song.

Cherry Adekoya

Thanks for listening and commenting on my song. I love your voice!


Hi Jen, Nice to meet you..Thank you so much for listening and commenting me and My Band..Glad you enjoyed..Love your voice too !!!Very mellow and very sweet, and unique..Keep up the good work sweetie.. I don't logged in here for ages..Pretty quiet site..What's happening withe competitions here..?Not happening anymore..? Have a wonderful week :)and thanks again.. Jen Australia

Jana Martin

Jenny, this is one of the best I've heard you record...Sooo very beautiful...teary-eyed and star-dreaming! love you

Hi,Jen.Love your photo and the song is very nice!Love you.

Gunther Defosse

hi there, i will try to write good english, dificult for me sometimes.. i ame not fund of the music business those days,,like your saying in your biografie, music with emotions and feelings, wel, you touche my heart with your music! especialy this song!! you exactly knows what we angels wonna hear, and thats my unest opinion,, i don't just wonna be nice, it is said from deep into my heart,, do you have a music page somewhere? i want to hear more, i love it verry much!! keep going, and be a lovely singing angel,, thats what we all need in this world today



Nice job! I love this song. Mother of! Good for you, you have your hands busy.

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