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Kathleen S. Taylor

Casey Lynn

Great Job I voted for you!!


Thank U so much for stopping by to check out my tracks!! I'll be back to comment on yours soon!! Peace, Ricardo

Jimmy Holland

Hey Kathleen,i cant get your song to play,i will try later!!If you can try mine,thanks..

I want to become a singer I want a band and a studio.


Hi Kathleen, I visited your page and was goin to listen to your song but, it wouldn't play. I will come back and vote later. In the meantime, could you stop by my page and take a listen? Also, please vote on the contest starting Nov. 1st. I am 1 of 5 contestants. Please do not vote on the contest until Nov. 1st though, as any & all votes will be reset at the start of the contest. Thank you very much. Look forward to hearing your voice. God Bless, LaurieAnn


NJ Producer Nashville

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