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my name is kayla casey to[:

My name is Kayla Casey and I am 11. I think it's cool to have someone with the same name as me. I love to sing and today is my birthday! Please write back because that would be cool!

My name is Kayla Casey too! Weird!

Great Job! I started at 10 also. Keep working for your dream! It'll happen.


Hey lil are a great singer keep up the great work and you will do great!! Love ya!

Peter Abbott

Hi Heather, Very nice sing on this great song. I voted for you. Hugs, Peter

Where R u singing at I miss hearing u. U R going to make it big girl keep it going.. How was Vegas

hello beautiful, I miss you. I was listening to your CD today. You are my #1.

I seen u t country jam opening for big and rich AWESOME JOB!!!! U R GOING TO MAKE IT BIG

Shanay Nicole  L.

You have lots of talent girl! Great job and lots of luck to you!!!

You were awesome!

Sydney Laja

Um you have a great voice for an 11 year old. I am on here too but I wish I was in the contest it looks so fun!

Outstanding, keep up the good work have a good voice! Don't quit singing. Great job!

Kayla, when r u coming back 2 the Eagles, ev'rybody misses hearin' your beautiful voice.

Nice job kid

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