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Hi ya'll! ;) I'm back in Kentucky now. I apologize for not updating my profile sooner. Been very, very busy. I want to Thank ALL those who voted for me in the Contest I was in. Although I did'nt win, (but, I came very close), It was a pleasure being in the contest. I enjoyed it very much. COUNTRY GIRL! What can I say about myself, I LOVE to sing, always have. I started singing in my bedroom with one of my femle friends from school, just goofing off. Her & I enrolled in the Music Club at our school. We performed a few songs together in some of our school shows. I use to sing a little back up in my father in laws country music band. I also learned to play acoustic guitar and a little electic guitar. I have one daughter, and 3 very handsome grandsons, Nana's pride & Joy! :) I met my the love of my life 6 yrs. ago online. We plan to marry soon. I also sing karaoke with my brother & his wife & friends for fun. I love all genre of music. Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy my singing. Thank ya'll for listening. God Bless ya'll and those brave men & women protecting us (our soldiers, husbands, sons, daughters, fathers, uncles, aunts, neices, & our nephews! God Bless each & everyone of them. I am now living in Sunny Florida!

Anthony Flake

Great singing..

Going to put this arltice to good use now.

Hello Lauriann...You remember Midomi? I miss you there. You are good as ever...bravo Gégé

You have a beautiful country voice. God bless marty


I loved your voice! Great Job!


Hey LaurieAnn! Thanks for taking the time to write on my're voice sounds great on here! :)


Wow what a great country voice!!! Thanks for your very sweet comments on my page. Keep on singing :) Corinna


Very nice voice u have hun!!! Fits this style well! This is very good vocals :)

Casey Lynn

Great Job!! I voted for you

Michelle Stolin

great voice.

The voice, the looks, You have the whole package. You go girl. If i only had 10 thumbs. Of course sometimes i feel i am all thumbs...LOL

Brilliant awesome singing!

voice is ok. great song.

immay thompson

good songs for you

Michael Campbell

All you need is a good producer. Yes they do cost money but you will be investing in yourself and that is your best investment! Please persue this...You sound great! Michael Campbell


Excellent voice!

Samantha Dawn

Very nice mellow ballad. Good job.

TRH Productions

As you said your not using pro equipment and your vocals are coming out weak because of this.. You definately have the country feel going for you. try doing this in a studio for better quality.

nice job LaurieAnn....keep it country...countrycharley

Denise A.Peachey aka Gypsy

Sounds just like Lorreta Lynn

Jimmy Holland

Hey Laurie, hey thank you for the comment..Out of the three songs i only wrote"We Should Really Think Twice"The other 2 are off of a 12 song album i done 5 yrs ago...I will be going back to the studio very soon to record another original,i thin it will do well! Thank You, Jimmy Holland

Jimmy Holland

Damn lady,you are awesome!!I love that oldstyle country sound...What you do is real country,KEEP IT UP!!Thank you, Jimmy Holland

Kathleen S. Taylor

very nice vocals.

The Divys

old time country music that definitely has a market. Excellent voice & production. And a pretty girl to boot!

great song truely a real live m i l f


Mark Healey

Great voice. She is country all the way!

Mark Healey

Great voice. She is country all the way!

Gabrielle Cavani

Hi, You definitely are a country girl. I love listening to your songs, you sing as if you have been doing this your whole life. Keep it up and I hope to see you up on that country stage one day!! Good luck in the contest!! :-)


I just want to tell everyone who listens to my songs that I don't have Professional equipment to record my songs with so please keep that in mind when listening to these songs. I only have a *slow* computer and a cheap desktop mic. Also, wouldn't you know it, my computer is running heck of slow so song1 seems to drag in a couple spots when I recorded it. Thanks for all the comments from everyone. I do appreciate them all and thanks for taking the time to listen, make comments & your vote. God Bless, LaurieAnn

love your style and voice. realy enjoyed it. good luck jonathan

Enjoyed the listen country lady. Sounds sexy, good tone quality. Your voice suits the songs. You done a great job on an old Patsy Cline song! Keep up the Great work LaurieAnn. You have all my support. You also have the looks for a Country Music Star. *Sexy* Good Luck!


i am from north eastern ohio nothing really here music wise so i have to push as hard as i can on here and myspace .

This little lady can sing! Come on y'all she needs your votes. Producers vote for her.

Greg Rini tophat entertainment

Very sexy and solid tone in her voice. Not really into country but she has a nice voice.

Jenkki Jenkki

Great smoky country bar feel in this song. Very good voice and very smooth track.


hey thanks for the comment i am digging you and your sound too i really like it

Hi Laurie thought I'd have a listen. (Fonzie) I've voted of course.

LaurieAnn is a natural when it comes to singing.

Hi there very nice song! its really for your type of voice! keep up the great work! Kisses Alexandra

Carol Gonzalez

My dearest Laurie, the pleasure is all mine. There is so much before you now sis, opportunities are now being placed before and being made ready by the Almighty Righteous Holy Father through His Son our Redeemer Jesus Christ of Nazareth for you and only you! Just believe and know that all your deepest desires will become reality my sis. You are ready for God's Blessings. Bless you sis. Love, Carol

Carol Gonzalez

My dearest Laurie, I simply stated the truth, you are a gifted singer, in fact I can close my eyes and imagin you performing at the "Grand Ole Oprey" and the Country & Western Music Awards; further you are absolutely beautiful, in fact you give a whole new definition to beauty and age!!!!!!! I am very proud of you and I love your voice. Please do not stop singing!!!!Love, Carol

Carol Gonzalez

Unique and memorable voice, Laurie also looks "smoking", she should succeed in no time. break a leg girl, you've got t all!!!!!!!!!!


Very nice, great control. Love the old style sound. You sound great on the new stuff also. You just need a little more breath control. Keep up the great work LaurieAnn.

Laurie is a wonderful singer with a voice like a Nightengale. She can carry a tune so well it sends shivers down my spine. Keep up the good work Laurie.

Fine & Keep Up The Good Work....From:Rusty Back In Ky.Where The Nice Horse's Are...

Sounds Fine.Keep the good work up....From your Friend:Rusty In Kentucky & All The Nice Horse's.....P.S.You Forgot your Weight..Just Kiddin..Done Know it Any Way...

great voice looks great keep up the good work

Pamala Thomas

Nice job.

awsome job i loved my listen hope to here more soon t/c huggs t/c laura

Just okay.

Diandra Newlin

Hey, were you on the ABC singing show??? Well you should have been! Very nice.

She's good in the musical category shye's singing in but needs to bring ths story to life more


I can feel the passion when you sing. Great voice. I am originally from Kentucky too. Good luck in the contest!

Laurie,Great job I was very proud of you.Keep up the good work. Your Friend. Delores

Hi Laurie. Great sing on this song and top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

Laurie Ann, I've been in the business a long time now and have heard a lot of singers. Your voice is true and clear, and you have a very smooth tone. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and you definetly have my support. Country on lady. I'm country too.


Hi Ya'll: I want to say a very special *Thank You* to all my Family, Friends, & Fans who have commented & voted for my singing. It really means a lot to me to know you enjoy it. I will try to keep it *Country* Country Charlie! After all, I am from Kentucky... lol. Thank you for all your advice and I will keep it in mind when I make my next recordings. Thank you Richard for al l the confidence you have in my singing capabilities. Thank you Ron, hopefully someday you will. Thank you Gus for all your support as always. I do have many recordings w/o reverb. I just thought a little wouldn't hurt. If I knew how to send them to you Leonard & James I would. When the contest is over I will put some on here w/o. Thank you for your advice, comments and hopefully your vote. There's still plenty of time left, call your family & friends and have them take a listen & vote. Again, Thank you all, I am deeply touched. God Bless, LaurieAnn


If I could but hear just your voice, pure...I like it.....


Very good voice. You don't need so much re-verb on your voice. I think you should invest in doing a professional studio demo. That will show the best of what you can do. Thanks for the comments you left on my page. God bless! From Todd

Great vocals as always. Break-a-leg and good luck your singing career. Just me, Gus.

You sound great Laurie..

Hi LaurieAnn, just wanted to stop by and say hey...great job on "imagine that" voted for ya...keep it country. your friend, country charley

You did a great Job Lauri! I always enjoy listening to you Keep singing!

u sound as good as u look good luck in the contest

Wow!!!awesome...what else can i say!

You have a really great country voice. Enjoyed listening to your song.

I think you sound great...

nice country sound,,,keep it country!


Hi LaurieAnn, Thanks for your mail. I think that better vocal producing you will sound better (in Makin' Believe). My opinion is that continue your singing and try to do it better every day. You gonna do it with right song.

Steven Patrick

WAHOOOOO I found you hahaha theres no search on this site or is there? lol great vocals Laurie great classic sound :-)

great job sounds very good gave you high mark nice old country sound love it Randy

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