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About Shanay Nicole L.
I'm a single mom of one boy. I love to sing. I sing in the choir at my church and we have a CD out now! Go to to hear samples. Thanks for visiting !! Love to hear from you.
Shanay Nicole L.


I love these aricltes. How many words can a wordsmith smith?




I like your voice come and here my daughters please

Dale Vernon

Shanay, Nice work. Do you have any new songs that you need produced at a fair rate? Thanks, Dale Vernon

Lauren Medway

Thank you very much for visiting my page and your lovely comment. You have a lovely voice too! I really like your song.

Nathalie J

hi there, you have a nice voice , very nice to listnen to, rate you an 8! Greetings from Nathalie J

Raul JR

you have an amazing voice yourself maybe one day we can both be stars. i truly mean it

Your singing rocks!!!

billy Rose

cute !

Great vioce, pity you wernt in scotland

Shanay Nicole  L.

New song guys! I perform for the Kids at church now. This song is Blessed Be Your Name.

Nice songs, keep it up

Shanay Nicole  L.

Thankyou. I will have to be in a contest to do that. I also have a new song on #3 now. Please check it out and let me know what you think! I will only accept healthy critizim. If your only here to talk "shit" then don't bother. Your wastin my time and yours! Much love to all the singers!!!

hey there. Your new songs are much better. May be you should have your rating reset to see what ratings you get with new songs? just a though :-)

lorna mcintyre

i love this song it really suits your singing voice ,welldone!! about your message before i know excactly what you mean the same thing happened to me ,you sound great so keep singing girl!! once again welldone

your song is great your voice is also great keep it up!

Shanay Nicole  L.

Thanks for all the great feedback! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dan Nakagawa

Hi Nicole, You've got a really great voice! I hope you continue singing, even with having the little one and all...Keep pursuing your dream! Good Luck!


lorna mcintyre

Welldone! Nicole you have a great voice keep singing girl! all the best lornax

Shanay Nicole  L.

New Song, Angels.

Awesome! I loved it...especially the "back-up" at the end of the song!

Hey nice voice and looks. You can improve a lot from here i think

Shanay Nicole  L.

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