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About Everett (MIKE) Claxton
Sing around the Sebring area. Interested in being a demo singer or background singer, Like to write songs
Everett (MIKE) Claxton


Damn, I wish I could think of soeimhtng smart like that!

McCoy White

Hey Mike, Your songs sound amazing!


Hi Mike..Great to see your player working..I love your voice..Very much..Nice rich tone and great feel..I love your take on "Mother In Law"..Awesome work on all 3 tracks.. Thanks for having a a listen to us..Very much appreciate it..Have a fun weekend.. Jen Australia

Everett (MIKE) Claxton


Hi Mike, thank you for the words of encouragement! I can't hear your songs though Mike, what is the problem? When the problem is fixed let me know so that I may return and hear your work.

..Well, here I am again and I can't get any of your songs to play... Have no Idea what the problem is, but I left my comment almost 3 weeks after your last comment here..


Oh, BTW..Your player isn't playing for any songs here on your page..You might want to tell them that... Sorry I couldn't listen to your songs :)


Mike so sorry for not returning your comment sooner, but I haven't signed in here for such a long time.. Thank you so much for your amazing comment on Poor Poor..Very much appreciated..What's actually happening with this site...?It's like a ghost how do you get to view the comp entrants...?Little weird I'm Thanks again and have a great week :) Jen Australia

Beautiful...loved it.. almost as good as your brother!

Michelle Stolin

wow,, good job. Loved it

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