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About Jumoke
Jumoke Hill Grew up singing gospal tunes with his mother when he was young. For Hill who leads open Mic Night twice a month, Singing isnt just an asperation. It's practically a form of therapy. Hill has a deep soulful voice but his repertoire varies. he enjoys sining everything from R&B Covers to Broadway show tunes. Working in a music industry that "wants a certain look" however has made hill empathize with musicians Who follow a different Beat. " I like people with powerfull voices, people who know who they are and who sing because they really want to do it" he said " I like people that are doing their own thing they inspire me"


I like to party, not look arlectis up online. You made it happen.

Nathalie Cameron

Very nice job! You have a great voice :)

Michelle adams

great voice! a lionel ritchie in thw making. stay away from songs out of your range "my immortal".

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