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About RJ Locklear
I'm just looking to get my voice heard. I'm 18 and singing is just what I enjoy doing. I appreciate any comments or advice..and I thank you all for the help. Enjoy:)!!
RJ Locklear


Your website has to be the elcortenic Swiss army knife for this topic.

ur voice is very nice s little wobbly so u n33d 2 work on your breathing but other then that it sounds great but the song was originally recorded by gc cameron good luck on your career


Oh one of my favorites...I love boys 2 Men. Your voice grips my heart and you should definitley keep singing!

While I don't handle R&B anymore,I wanted to write and say that with your voice,age,and look,you have the potential to be a great R&B singer with a very bright future. Stay away fro Rap and Hip Hop and do what you excel at...SING! And regardless of the Economy,keep on going forward despite any obstacles,it is the only way to make it in this business. God Bless and the best of luck in your career.


That comment below was from me (wasn't logged in before)

Thanks sweetie for your comment. You have a lovely sounding voice. Work a bit on your breath support (breathe from the diaphragm so that the melody line becomes less wobbly. Good luck :)

Keith Lewis

Great job! You selected a tough song that really tests a vocal ability, both in range and feeling, and pulled it off very well.

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