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About Caroline
Born in Quebec, raised in New-Brunswick where I've been in 'showbizz' all my life, from majorettes to dance competitions, I am now moved back in Quebec! Mother of 3 beautiful children, i have devoted my life to them being a wanna-be Star here & there, in contests and karaoke hosting! Sometimes you have to put your dreams on hold ;) So I am half mommy half Star lol ~I've discovered the singing 6 years ago, dancing since I was 13. I'm a huge fan of Pat Benatar & Heart....singing their songs gives me shivers ...I always sing with my heart...& make every song count...I beleive you have to be true to yourself and others! & beleive! :) YOU CAN FIND MORE OF MY RECORDINGS HERE:


It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunnihse.

Christopher Roundtree

Oh man that song was nice. Great Job!!

Mary Grace Marquez

you have a nice voice!!! Two thumbs up!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on my tracks... Wow you have a lovely voice... I guess it helps that I love Total Eclipse of The Heart!! Well done!! Blessing to U in 2010!!


veru nice :)

Daryl Ogalino

WOW your singing is awesome!!

Rachael B

Wow your really great! I loved my listen.xx

Everett (MIKE) Claxton

Super job, don't let your dream slip away,,you are very talented and have the looks to go along with the voice.. Good Luck !!

Michelle Stolin

Thank you for the nice comment. You have a great voice as well. You picked very challenging songs. Well done.


Hi, I'v uploaded 3 new songs Hope you like them. Greetzz Marco

Thanks for the comment on my page. You have a great set of chops too girl. Keep up the GREAT work. God Bless, LaurieAnn

immay thompson

wow, great, this is the favorite song of my friend kitz. i miss her


Thank you for your wonderful words of positive snetiments Caroline, I truely appreciate it!!!!!!!! You have a beautiful and magnificent voice! You have a wonderful vocal tone and well controlled tremolo with a plaintive and sensitive emotive quality!!!!!!!!!!! Very lovely, I absolutely love your voice, I am a loyal fan! Peace, Carol

Thanks for the comment! You have an amazing voice! Such talent! I hope that as I grow I can also keep developing so that I have a great voice like yours!

Michelle Stolin

Thank you so much for your comment. That was very kind. You really picked some tough songs to sing!! Good Job!!!

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