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I LOVE singing. The End. =)


will write a big post later - too much work right now :-)



great job! check me out!

Amanda Mai

a little bit of advise. in the best of ways, this will only make you a SOOOO much better singer. PROJECT!!!!!!! dont be afraid to belt it as loud as you can with all of your emotion!!!! not just the whole song in your falsetto. work on it!!! but anyway, i think you have an ok voice that can be worked on. cause admit it! we ALL need a lil work or else we would all be famous singing on the grand ol' opry! lol but good luck!!!! xoxo Amanda Mai

nice job sweety.... keep up the good work... ciao ......tonico

sing a song that is an original,not a cover tune unless you can really out sing the person that made it famous, in this case you have not. You have to bring something different and rememberable.

Sing a song that is an original, not one everyone knows unless you can do it a LOT better than the original singer.

Samamtha you are HOTTT!!!!

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