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Don Armstrong

Great singer

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runinng.


haay are you feeling better lol mickey


haay 0



Nice job young lady... This song really suits your vocals and you told the story!! Keep it up!!

Hanna Loraine M. Ong

great voice! i like :)


Great Job! Loved it!

Nice vocals girl! Maybe we should do a co-lab?? Think about it.. ;) Have a fine day.

Alexis Young

Omg you r soo good. I love your song. Ellie (alexis)

Gabbie Rae

I love your voice and I love that song Mr. Moon. Is that an original? You are awesome! Gabbie Rae


This is unique...I LOVE ur voice! wow such great talents on this site!!! Pure young sound , yet so mature! i love this voice!!!! :) awesome!

Casey Lynn

Great voice ! A vote went to you!

Kathy Schmidt

Really pretty voice :-)

Such a beautiful voice you have!!! I love this style and fits your wonderful tone perfectly!!

You sound Great. This is the right song for you. You sound great.

Wonderful as usual. I really love this song and especially how you sing it!!! Keep up the great work.

Hey sis you sound great!!! Love Ya!

Heather Stone

I like your songs- Your voice is really good!

Dawn Tebbe

you sound great..i love your voice.

immay thompson

great i vote you

Everyone I've heard so far are worthy of a 10 score. And you are no exception.

randy lee norris

very good voice and nice swinging tune


Greetingz to sarah and her dad... Thanks for stopping by my page!! Sarah at 17... wow! I really enjoyed the track and there "Aint Nothin" Wrong" with this funky cut!! Keep on singing!! This is a toe tapper and sarah you've got flavor in your voice!! Now to vote!!

Really like your voice! Keep up the good work, come and listnen to my new song,thank you. Signed, Nathalie J

Peter Abbott

Hi Sarah's mother. In answer to your question. You would have to became a member here,then you can visit all the other singers and they ib turn would visit you, Hugs, Peter

Peter Abbott

Hi Sarah, Very nice sing on this swinging song. Top marks from me. I voted for you. Great voice ! Hugs, Peter


LOVELY voice!!


You need to record a better demo.. from what you have there, your vocals sound great... I can tell you have very little training but, that comes with time.

tanya lane

i think you have an excellent voice you go girl.

very good singer,I think she can make it big

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