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Awesome as ever... U kicked Gold Finger!! Well done!! I've got a couple of new tracks up so stop by and let me know what U think!


beautiful deep voice! :) very nicely done with lots of feelins :)

Casey Lynn

Great Job!! Love your music I voted for you!

WOW, Young lady you have a voice that can take places. Keep sing and working at it. One day it will happen.


Greetings... Thought I'd make my comments official!! You are awesome!! Oh and I've got a new track up!! Keep singing!! Peace, Ricardo

Outstanding vocals and wonderful vocal control and range!! Great choice of song to showcase your ability!! Oh by the way, thanks for the kind words when you stopped by my page... Much appreciated!! All the best to you in the future!!

One of my fave songs great job

Michelle Stolin

beautiful voice. great job

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