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About Maria Roberts
Hey everyone, I am just a fun loving country girl who loves to sing. My dad and I write and sing together, mainly just for fun though. Let me know what yall think I can improve on. Thanks
Maria Roberts

Kristi Gondzar


Michelle Stolin

Nice voice

maria you still have a beautiful voice..i wish someone would record you..i would be one of the first person's to buy your cd.take care and keep them coming..

Thank you for your comment. May we say, you have a lovely voice, a voice that one could never tire of listening to. Best wishes.

immay thompson

ic, maybe theres something problem with my computer, i like to hear your song i will try to fixed.

immay thompson

theres no sounds in your account

you still have a great voice.luv ya girl

oustanding voice

This is great. Good job!

Outstanding! Enjoyed all three songs.

Very good.

Wow, you go girl!! That was amazing. Good luck!! Keep me posted on how you do!


Do you have any video also?

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