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Shoot, who would have thhgout that it was that easy?


Wow, your voice is so amazing! I loved it!


Wow...I love this! So much energy..I am dancing in my seat:) It's very professional.

Gunther Defosse

hey girl, why did you not entered X factor? ore idool 2007? your just greath!! love your voice, your looks, and espaciality, your country, hihi i'm your fan! gunther


Hi, I'v uploaded 3 new songs Hope you like them. Greetzz Marco


oh wow!!! i catn beleive all the nice talent on here!!!! amazing! amazing vocals and sound! I love this!!!!! ur like a dark hair Shakira, and i can feel ur energy!!!!! awesome hun! :)

Michelle Stolin

Great job!!


Sounds good

Great voice and very beatiful also :-)

cathy aucoin

thanks for the comment. Girl you are AMAZING you have the total package that the industry is looking for. I think you have a wonderful voice and you are beautiful you will go very far if you are heard by the right person. Can't wait to hear more.Good luck in the future.

Robert Burgess

My God you are the complete package. Go for the GOLD. You will make it.


ok you sound amazing!!! I really enjoyed listening to your songs and i hope to hear more soon :) thanks for the comment on my page and keep up the great work spyder

Powerful stuff girl!

thanks for the comment and let's just say you are fantasic you have the total package girl go for the gold. Good Luck

Carol Gonzalez

Ok Alex I will add you. Blessed

Wow!! I love your sound. Great beat and vocals! I love the latin swing this song has. Can't wait to hear more songs! Keep doin your thang =) Lyse


Thank you for your comment. I like your song. Really nice! Great voice. I will be keeping an eye out for your cd as I am sure it will just be a matter of time. Keep up the great work. God Bless, LaurieAnn

Carol Gonzalez

My dearest Alex, I absolutely love your music, its kicking!!!!!! I expect that you will chart soon (billboard). Further, you are the quintessential beauty! I am listening out for the success of your cd; your succeess is a given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


great voice!! beautiful smile! you got everything to be on top! You're definately the next Latina bomb!!!!!


NJ Producer Nashville TN USA

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