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About Nathalie Cameron
In my heart the only thing that matters is that I sing. My dream since childhood, my desire in life!
Nathalie Cameron

Amanda Mai

Nice choice of songs, liked them alot

Hey girl great voice! keep it up! hugs and kisses Alexandra


Greetings... Very nice singing on one of my favorite feel good songs!!

Peter Abbott

Hi Nathalie, Very nice sing on this great song and top marks from me. Check me out when you can. Hugs, Peter

Lovely voice Nathalie. My fist vist to this website the first song I played all the way through.:-)

Nice Voice. Any more songs you have?


love this rendition, love the quality of your voice, you put me in mind of a singer called alison moyet. well done Nat. Linda

That's a gorgeous voice singing a beautiful song! Somedays, all is right in the world!

lorna mcintyre

you have my vote in the contest ,welldone Nathalie you have a really nice voice! x

very powerful voice you have! good job :)

Shanay Nicole  L.

Wonderful voice! Lots of talent! Beautiful baby too!


Hello Natalie...Just wanted to tell you how beautiful I find your singing...You have the voice of an Angel..Also wanted to drop you a line and wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe & Happy New Year...May God Bless You Always... Sincerely, Linda Whispers Of The Heart heavensblessingsdotbravejournaldotcom Heaven's Blessings heavensblessingsdottripoddotcom

Hey,Nathalie!Keep singin' and rock on!

James Todd Johnson

Glory to God and amen.You have a true gift sister. Keep singing for Jesus!

you have a great voice, welldone!!!! lornax

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