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About tanya lane
people think ill make bcoz i look like christina aguilera. i think im not that bad at singing but probly could be better ill leave the choice up to you.
tanya lane


We know what Christina Aguilera looks like and we know what Hilary Duff sounds like. How about posting a picture of YOURSELF and a song that YOU sang? =D

i thought u were amazing but then i looked up the song and thats hilary duff's voice!! wat was the point in that?

Shanay Nicole  L.

you are so brill if tht really is you,you sound like hilary duff

i agree

It must not be that hard to copy a song onto the internet and say that it is your voice because that's exactly what you did. Unless you have the same breathes and childish voice as hilary duff. Try singing a song with your voice!

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