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About Corinna "Coco" Herden
"Corinna "Coco" Herden is a German-American vocalist. She has sung solo concerts at the White House, performed with several opera companies, theatres and at concert houses in the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Iran, Jordan and Israel. She has studied in Washington DC, Florence, Italy and finally at the renown Conservatory of Music in Vienna, Austria. She loves singing everything from opera, broadway, movie soundtracks, country, international folk songs to "old Jazz" and blues."
Corinna "Coco" Herden

Marina  Anghel

Good job and Good luck. Marina

Kuan Wei Lee

Amazing voice..

Wow, amazing voice, great job.

Wow, amazing voice, great job.


Very talented

I love your style. you are great!

You are one of the best I have heard so far ai am a new member


nice!! you're good!!


You hold notes very well and clear! Great job...I love the song!

RJ Locklear

Very clear and pure sound. You have a jazzy sound that is very soothing. Work on keeping lower notes in tune. Very good though.

Nice clear voice with solid fundamentals. Easy and enjoyable to listen to.

Gabriel Fairuz Louis

i love your voice. it is so classical!!!

Corinna, Good luck w/ the contest. You have a great voice.

Cry me a river, baby! :-*

Wonderful voice !!!

Yes, She is a talented singer! Gorgeous voice!!

Yeah, she rocks!

I love your songs corinna.


Corinna, you have such a beautiful voice...I just saw Sarah Brightman at Madison Square Garden and you do remind me of her. Such a beautiful sound :)


Hi Corrina, GREAT Job! Very nicely done. You have a Great theatric voice. Wish you had done a country song (which by the way is my fav. as you can tell if you visit my page). I am not that much into theatre music but, I do have to admit you do it WELL! Very talented girl. Keep up the Great Work and Good Luck in the Contest. God Bless, LaurieAnn

Michelle Stolin

Good job!!

Michelle Stolin

Good job!!


Very much enjoyed hearing have such a classic standards voice...

and again WOW!! love this voice.

Casey Lynn

Wow!! You got my vote!

WOW! You've got one amazing voice girl! This is absolutely breathtaking! Amazing range as well. Best of luck to you!

Hi Corinna, you are quite accomplished and talented. This was nicely done. Thanks for posting this.

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