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Stands back from the keyboard in amemtzena! Thanks!

Hello, Hope this mail finds you in good health, I come across you and I have interest In you i deem it very necessary to get in touch with u for a long-lasting relationship. beside My name is precious, has decent hobbies like reading and swimming and i desires to make long-lasting friendship with you. Do you think age, color or distance is any bar to make such friendly relationship with you? If not, then stretch your hand to me and accept mine. If you feel like we will be friends fine,then u mail me back at so that I will forward u my photos and Introduce myself to u more,So from there we will get to know each other very well.Just bear in mind that there is only one happiness in life,to love and be loved. I will always remain yours in love. Big Kisess And Hugs! Miss precious.

Michelle Stolin

Couldn't get your first song to play but the rest were good I voted for you

Jimmy Holland

Hey Charlie, hey just wanted to say thank you for the comment,i really appreciate that.I wanted to hear your music but it wont play..Let me know when you get it working.Oh and by the way,MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Thanks, Jimmy Holland

Hey there Country Charley... How are you today? Great here. Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the comment on my page and songs. I really do appreciate it. You don't sound so bad yerself. You may want to check your songs though, song 1 & 3 are the same.. Unless of course you did it that way. Also, I couldn't view your pictures except for the one with the big horse. Anyway, again thanks for the comment. Did you vote on all 3 of my songs? I will do the same for you. Let me know if you fix the songs (same one playing). Have a Great day! Ta Ta for now. LaurieAnn


NJ Music Producer

good country song

keep singing and writing it is great.

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