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About deborah morrison
hi im wee deborah sha sha morrison im only singing from age 11 i also act and have had a few leadinging roles i made the cufactor finals this year and have wrote and composed my 1st album im also working on a 20 song album for cancer charity with 20 org songs from my youtube friends to be sold on i tunes soon all proceeds to the charity.I love charity work and do a lot of it for charity suicide awareness and breast cancer awareness.Ive met many stars ansd have sang with shayne ward to 18,000 belfast xmas tree switch on,ive sang on tv rte and radio city beat radio bedfodshire and i have big news comimg but cant say yet lol hugs wee deborah sha sha xoxo hugs to all
deborah morrison


omg truly amazing !!!! <3333333

Michelle Stolin

Good job kiddo!!

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