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About Cathy Vaughan
I have been singing since the age of 16. I currently own a Karaoke company located in the Toronto, Canada area
Cathy Vaughan


Yup, that shluod defo do the trick!

Your article was exelclent and erudite.

Love it ,good job

Cathy your voice is ok but it sounds like your trying to imitate famous singers, Karaoke might be annoying and pathetic but if it makes you happy to sing then do it every chance you get. Best of luck and never give up.


Very cool song and great voice!


simply loved your song...u gt my vote.

Oooooohhh I LOVE this song!!! VERY pretty voice! This is PERFECTLY done and sounds like it was made for you! WOW! I love your range as well! Best of luck to you!!!

Cathy Vaughan

Hi Jamal, The song In The Rough is originally performed by Anna Nalick and I'm sure it available for download somewhere:) As for my version...I'm not sure if you can download from this site:( Cheers, Cathy

Wow..Can i buy your song In the Rough for download??? Please post your response here on your page i will check back later.And yes how can i do this? from this site? Is it Possible?

i like your voice its cool!

Nice voice. Puppy looks goo too :-)

Jennifer Angeline

Hey, Thanks Cathy. I'm in Trenton, Ontario. A little east of where you are.

Jennifer Angeline

Great job Cathy, I also work as a karaoke host/part time for the last 7 years, you should let me know where your gigs are so when I am in the TO area I can go to one of your shows!

Peter Abbott

Hi Cathy, Very nice singing on this song. Thanks for visiting me. Hugs, Peter

Nathalie Cameron

Very nice recording...I'm envious :)

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