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About Emelda Bergavera
Singer in a band. Music lover. I love travelling and meeting new friends. I am very passionate when it comes to to learn new things and diff. instruments...I love listening to gospel songs, blues, jazz, old school...etc...
Emelda Bergavera


To think, I was confesud a minute ago.


wow fantastic xx

wow wessssstig!!! hihi!!! kip the music playin!!! go go go! bless yah all!!!

# 1 wala ng tatalo p god bless and take care

Wow!!!galing mo tlga sis..more power to you and to your band keep on rockin' i hope you will win GoD Bless

AyuS!!!! MIIIIIISSSSSMOOOOOOO!!!!! Yan ang pinoy.... more power to Beat Culture Band!!!! Panalo!!!!! God Bless

yessssssss!!!galing sobra..galing na sumayaw galing pa bumirit.bilib me sau sis,kht na gnu na u kagaling still u not stopping learning new things.andthat's why our Lord Jesus is blessing u more and more.miss u na te,kiss sa mga bataIngatz lgue.kip up da gud work!God will always b wd u and ur family!!!!Panalo!!!

unbeatable... What else can I say... You're #1... Best voice I ever heard ...

wow....wala ako masabi...luffetttzzzzz Panalo ka na niyan dear;) Fantastic singing;) hugsssssssssssssss Te Dana

grabe da best talagavoice u..amazing and its perfect,god gave u this talent so keep it and let everybody knew it...god give u this voice as inspiration to all singer to become d-dicated to themselves and to every god creation..collect more gospel songs as what your profile said that you love to sung gospel music...make it as your inspiration as you call god by ssung of this...dont let anyone snatch your voice instead just share it with them..nakakapatindig balahibo grabe ang tune mo grabe....keep it emelda and continue enjoying yourself by music but dont regret to forgot god above all of this ...god bless andmore power...

Wayne I. Johnson

Hi Emelda, After listening to you,I have come to two conclusions: (1) You are gorgeous,..and (2) You have a gorgeous voice with a lot of potential. You seem to have a great range vocally,and my only criticisms would be just in some dynamics here and there,and way too much reverb on your demo. I'd be very curious as to how well you would do with original material instead of cover songs. Often,singers who do covers emulate the original Artist instead of just being themselves. Breathing life into a new song that no one has heard is a true craft,and my gut feeling tells me that you would excel at it. Anyway,it was a pleasure to hear your voice. Wayne

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