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About Gabrielle Cavani
Hi my name is Gabrielle and I am a singaholic!! :-) I absolutely love to sing and have always dreamed about going professional. I don't care if it is on broadway or radio, my dream is to have millions and millions of people hear my voice and hopefully fall in love with it. In my heart I feel I have what it takes to become a professional singer, but I value the opinions of others and I also value constructive criticism. I am very happy to have joined this site and be amongst all of the other talented singers that are on here. I hope that one day I will be able to listen to them on the radio and say, I knew that person from this singing website that I used to be apart of!! :-) I hope that one day someone will be able to say that about me as well!! :-)
Gabrielle Cavani

Sabrina Czako

sounds better than the singer who sings it!! check me out?

great voice.....keep on siging, country charley

Tim Mattson

Your voice is awesome. The music is good, but it sounds too karaoke. Not enough blend to the two of them. Don't get me wrong, you sound great! The recording could use some work. Keep up the good singing, let the engineer do the work.


Greetings... Sorry for the delayed response... Thanks for the kind words and I really appreciate the feedback... Now if I can just learn to play the sax!!

Jimmy Holland

Damn girl,i love your voice!!


Thank you so very much Gabrielle for the comment on my songs. It means a lot to me. I came by to listen to yours. You're pretty amazing yourself. I liked our songs as well. I will check back to see if you've updated songs later. I voted up above for you. Keep up the GREAT work! Again, thanks for your support. I am glad you enjoyed them. I sure hope we both make it to the stage...... God Bless, LaurieAnn

Yeah, liking your voice Gabrielle, very much. It has got strength and you have good control. You could do well in the popular music scene,and I think you could do well in stage musicals also with your vocal ability. Thank you for your comments. Always appreaciated. Given you 10 rating.


NJ Producer Nashville

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