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immay thompson


How are you immay

It's posts like this that make surfing so much plesuare

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wriignt!


Hello stranger!!! hope you are well....Ian x


I love your voice it is smooth. I also love the song. Great Job! A ten from me!


Hi, I'v uploaded 3 new songs Hope you like them. Greetzz Marco

yup immay i have it if you remember capricorn0773 thats me take care

immay thompson

thank you, do you have you tube video

hi emmy wish you luck at alltime. atlast i found you at your awn site i will be here and here at alltime

immay thompson

thank you guy's ,, merry Christmas.. those who want to contact me, my email add is


wow girl! thats a really unique & special voice u have!!! so soft yet so powerful!!! You almost sound like a Loretta-Lynn-DollyParton combination, not that im into country so much...but it sure sounds like ur a pro...full of emotions and talent!! wow :)

Your voice is so sweet, so charmful like you. I accidentally watch the song " joni don't cry" and I see yrphotos. They are so beautiful (I mean: you). Hope to read yr email to me. so glad to see you.

Wow! I can't believe it! Galing mo girl!!!


nice work

immay thompson

thank you guys, hope i can record in a recording studio, i record this song through the magic sing, but its alright it's fun.. hehe

BEAUTIFUL Singing!!!

BEAUTIFUL Singing!!!

nice song pagbutihin moh lang nand2 kami sosoportahan ka nmin.....

Very pretty voice!!!


Very nice voice hope you are doing well

thanks, but its time me to cry, i am sad......

Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.


Maria Roberts

Everyone else is not having a problem, not sure what the problem is.

Maria Roberts

Sweet voice.

such a beautiful woman and song

immay thompson

thanks, i try to record another song

hey that was nice!

very good 99%

nice u can be a singer

thank you ricardo you have very nice voice too


Very nice voice and timeless sound... Very pleasing to the ear!! All the best to you and thanks for stopping by to check out Ricardo!!

talking to your sister,i live in Georgia,very nice voice1-10,i give you an 8,keep working hard and it will come easier.Take care and good luck.Your sister says hi,Geraldine

Jimmy Holland

Hello immaystar,hey you are really good,i love your voice..I can hear your birds in the background..You are a very pretty lady and you have a easy listening sound.Stop by if you can and give me a listen..Thanks, Jimmy Holland

immay thompson

hehe thanks,

hello emmay,absolutely you have a golden voice and keep in singing dude and sooner or later you will sing the english song fluenty.keep up the good're such a petty woman.

Lovely!! You have a big vote from me :)

immay thompson

thanks carol thanks joy, have a nice day

Hi BhingZ, you're so beautiful. i love & i like your song..i admire you a lot.. Good Luck! take care

Wow ca'z, you did it! what a wonderful song.. i admire you , you're a good singer. I wish you all the best this year. Happy New Year! God Bless! Love you

Carol Gonzalez

I did not mind the comment Star! What I do think is that you are a wonderful singer and a very beautiful woman! Indeed you are a star and you will become famous!!!!!!!!Never forget that, keep singing!!!! Peace, Carol

Carol Gonzalez

Hi Star, First of all, you have a very beautiful voice, its plaintive and haunting, tugs at the heart strings! Very nice! Further, thank you for your kind and funny statements regarding my accessory in my photograph, lol. You made me laugh and I like that! Peace, Carol

immay thompson

wow i fixed already, i have good songs now... wish you like

i wonder why my voice is like this very small, can u advice me how i can improved with this



immay thompson

ic, have you check my vedeo is it sounded, cos either my vedeo i cannot hear.

Karrie Todd-Smith

Hi Immay- Maybe the player was messing up for you. I just went and checked it 1 was overload,2 was shine, 3 was confession. Thanks and Happy New Year! Karrie

immay thompson

hello, thanks to joseph dometita for appreaciating my songs, happy new year

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