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About Jennifer Angeline
Hey, I switched my songs, hope you like them. I would appriciate any feedback you may have whether it be good or bad..thanks:)
Jennifer Angeline


You know your my favorite Singer AE...

very nice performance!! hugs and Kisses Alexandra

Great vocal. Great to listen to and great to look at too!!


NJ Producer Nashville

wow.....great job..........go canada talented and beautiful.. ciao....tonico

country charley

nice job on this song....great vocals...take care, countrycharley


Beautiful Voice!

Thanks for your comments. I love listening to your voice, you rock~!


Beautiful voice!! All the best to you!

Peter Abbott

Hi Jennifer, Very nice sing on this song. I enjoyed my listen. Great voice and top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

do that parton song I will always love you billyandtherockets

Well you have a long way to go hun...but you have that annoying twang about you that so you will fit right into that country bullshit....

Well, well, well. You already know I'm your biggest fan. I get goosebumps everytime I hear your voice. Honestly, you shouldn't be should be recording somewhere. To bad you have to be really young to be an Oh well..just keep on rocking that wicked you lots.


kristin newberry

hey just thought i would say you have a good voice keep it up

Ypu are amazing Keep doing a great job you are awesome move over Martina here comes Jem I mean jen good luck from Alpha Omega Sound Craig & Tee

Shanay Nicole  L.

Sounds great! Keep it up. I didn't have a chance to hear your first song. But I bet it is just as great! Take care.

Cathy Vaughan

Beautiful job Jen!! Where abouts in Canada are you???

Hey, I've listened to both your last and your new song. They both sound great. Very different from eachother, but your voice seems to really lend itself to country. Can't wait for more!

Wow, what an amazing voice! I love your song, you are the best singer here! Do you have an album out? Cause I'd love to buy one if you do! Next song, you need to wail like you do so well, though! Show that powerful voice off My Buddy!

Wow......the first half of your last name has it all right. The face, and voice of an angel. Great harmonies sounds like theres 8 of you! Now upload something else and let us really hear you wail. (on the mouth? are you nuts)lol

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