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About Kathy Schmidt
From a young age, Kathy Schmidt has been an esteemed voice in her community. The talented lyric soprano began performing in school talent shows at age eight, with a stunning rendition of "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. With exposure received and encouragement from her family and friends, she became a soloist for church services, designing music programs and meeting with various clients to arrange the appropriate theme for their wedding or event. From a young age she handled the responsibilities with maturity and conviction. In high school she branched out, performing in various musical theater productions and audition-only choirs. Kathy continuously ranked in the top three vocalists, even achieving the top score of eighty men and women competing. In 2000 she had the honor of performing as a featured soloist in the prestigious Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Presently, Kathy works as a freelance Event Music Coordinator, tailoring music programs for weddings, funerals, fundraisers and special events to fit the needs of her clients. She coordinates and leads rehearsals with other musicians and performs to various crowds in a variety of interesting venues. She is a vocalist for GIA Publications, recording music for vocal textbooks. Though she is very familiar with secular performances, her interests lie in Contemporary Country and Classical music. She takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. She spent three months traveling to perform with a traditional country music band, The Rocky Mountain Boys. Kathy came in third place in an international voice competition affiliated with Charlotte Church. She was a top ten finalist in the 2007 Fox 29 News Philly Idol Competition and a 2nd place winner in a Philadelphia radio contest in 2003. Other awards include 2002 recipient of Award of Four Year Member of All Catholic Chorus of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1999 sole recipient of Award of Choral Excellence, and 1998 recipient of Director's Choice Choral Award. Her crystal clear voice and impressive range work well both for sole and choral performances, repeatedly leaving her listeners moved to tears.
Kathy Schmidt


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Michelle Stolin

Very pretty voice. You got my vote.

Jenna wade

you are awesome. Chills girl. :)

Hi Kathy, Just wanted to congratulate you! (I know you did not win) But you are THE winner to me. You both sing very well but your vocals are far better and I just wanted to let you know. I hope to hear more of your music. God bless!

You have a great voice! My vote goes to you!!


Hello! You have very beautiful voice and if you win - it will be right. And can you see my song, rate and comment?

Casey Lynn

Nice voice! I voted for you!

Thank you Kathy! You are quite an accomplished singer. Your voice is beautiful and soothing. I wish you continued success. God bless!

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