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About Casey Lynn
Hello, My name is Casey and I"m 15 years old. I have been singing for several years now. I love to sing and entertain in front of a live audience.I currently play guitar and have started to write my own songs. I love country music.My dream is to be famous someday!! You can go to my you tube account and see me in several different videos The song Hope Faith Love & Dreams is a original written by a friend named George. This song really means alot to
Casey Lynn




Matsidiso Tshikota

well done!

Listened to the 1st couple seconds. Nice, soothing voice. Very light and bubbly(:


thomas adams

You can sing very well i liked it

Loving you right now. :) You sound so good and perfect. And your not even that far away from me. Your so awesome!

your voice is amazing you should chase your dreams :-)


still no comment that was better than carry underwood good

Alisa Ushakova

Wow you have an AMZING VOICE, God Bless YOU!!!

Wow your really good. You will definitly become famous and I hope soon! keep up the awsome work!

you have an amazing voice...continue with your dream, you'll become famous one day!

casey you are great follow your dream soon you will be in Holleywood

David Wilcox

Really Good Voice , Lot's additude and Great Stage Prescence.

Mr. Silverware

It feels like your voice just flows from one word to another. Er, that's a good thing, btw ;3


haay girl


ur really good ur great keep it up hope to hear u on a radio station soon

margaret moore

You have a beautiful pure voice

mikey cartwright

you really good :)


Casey, My daughter McKenzie and I just listened to your songs and we really like your original song Hope Faith Love and Dreams. Good Luck in the future.

WOW good job you r really good

McCoy White

Hi Casey, Your music and voice are very beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Carrie M

Awsome voice, 13 years old and already have a lot of talent. Great job. You'll make it if you never give up

casey iluv to sing to im pretty good but i hav my own style mainly country you r i thuink going to be famous i cant just see it now your name up in lights your really good dont give up gl

your great keep it going

Juan Pablo Checa

Hey Casey! You have an amazing voice! My name is Juan Pablo, from Colombia and I also love to sing... Do you have any e mail? so we can keep talking? and maybe record something someday... mine id Good Luck!

I love your song are any of your relatives singers?


what? no fair!! ur voice is amazing AND you had this proffesionally recorded, didnt you??? its BEAUTIFUL. the song on my profile is original but i had to do my recording at home with a headset so you make mine sound like a pile of crap!! D: lol but ur amazing! why arent u signed yet?


very nice!! hehehe.. you're beautiful and you can sing!!!

Mandy Henrichsen

You have a beautiful voice!!!

Rachael B

What a beautiful voice! You have a promising career ahead of you!x

Michelle Stolin

you should be singing for Disney. Nice job

sweetwillie johnson


Hey, great singing! try auditioning for Disney records, you'll kill them!

Gabbie Rae

You have a very pretty voice and I really like your tone and style.


Beautiful singing!!! Thanks for your sweet comments :)

Thank you Katie. Jacqueline


Love your voice, thanks for the support


you have a wonderful voice keep up the great work .and see you in the big times .

Carol Gonzalez


Carol Gonzalez

You have a really beatiful voice, very clear, with perefect pitch; nice emotions to match the lyrical content of song: "Hope Faith Love & Dreams". Very, very nice!!!!!!! I am an avid fan!!!!!!!! Peace, Carol


Oh by the way, I love the Barbra Streisand song. She is my all time favorite artist who first inspired my singing. Keep up the good work and practice, practice practice! SandraLee : )


Thank you for your support and the wonderful and beautiful compliment. It means alot to me right now. Especially because I am working hard in so many ways to promote my voice.

You have a beautiful voice! The message of this song is just what we need these days. I hope that you will continue to sing and study. You have a great gift. I look forward to hearing from you more. Thanks!

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