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About Monica Olson
Since I was A little girl I loved to sing. I've always been a dreamer and hoped that one day I would have the chance to share my love for music with others. Thankyou for this opportunity to dream a little more.
Monica Olson

Casey Lynn

Awesome job! I voted for you!

country charley

not bad....

Hi Monica,Love this song (you won't dance with me). You did an excellent job. Sounds like oldies music I am used to. Very enjoyable. Please listen to my songs and let me know what you think. Thanks, God Bless, LaurieAnn


words was right you do have a very emotional sounding voice . Your Great


Greetings... Nice job on Bring Me To Life. Very emotional sounding vocals!

Peter Abbott

Hi Monica, Lovely sing on this great song and top marks from me. Check me out when you can. Hugs, Peter

Nice voice...Any new songs?

Hey your song is not working ?? whats up with that?

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