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About Nate "Boomer" Robison
Singer/SongLyricist/Comic. Originally from Detroit, now residing in New Jersey. Two CD releases: "Ultimate Love For You" - 2003, "A Dream Away" - 2006. Currently working on new CD "Will Love Ever Happen".
Nate "Boomer" Robison

Michelle Stolin

WOW!! Ivoted for you.


Ya Nate!! Brotha you can for "sho'nuff" sing!! Really enjoyed my listen!! I'll be submitting a vote for you, all the best!! Please stop by and check out my track when you get a chance and let me know what you think about my Midwest Soul!! Peace, Ricardo AKA Wordz.

Peter Abbott

Hi Nate, Nice sing on your songs. I enjoyed my listen and I voted for you. Check me out when you have time. Cheers Peter

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