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About Marco
Music was my first love and it will be my last. I love to sing all kind of music from Jazz to rock. It's the only way for me to unload and express.


I love these arctelis. How many words can a wordsmith smith?


Cool sounds a ten from me. It is kind of trippy! Enjoyed my listen!I wish I could play an instrument..!

Hi Marco, love the new work!!!!!!! The songs are "rocking!!!!!!!!!!"


hey there I really love your voice and the sung! well done Hugs and kisses Alexandra

On hearing the very first lyric of the song, I knew this was gonna be great. Great performance mate, well done. Gotta be a 10

Rod Clemmons

One word for all the performance"""STRONG"""


I love Rock do have any advice for me

Peter Abbott

Hi Marco, Nice sing on this moving song. Top marks from me. I voted for you. Great voice ! Cheers, Peter

Hey your voice is strong. It's good...! are you playing the piano also?


Best ballad ever....

Carol Gonzalez

Your music is simply beautiful Marco. Your vice is absoletely


The power ballad was a lost art, until now!! Keep on Marco! NJ

Carol Gonzalez

Oh my goodness you are a Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uou are absolutely gifted; You have got some serious chopes/pipes on you man, you are indeed the real deal! You exhibit excellent vocal control, your emotive quality is amazing, your vocal tone is distinctive and remarkable, (this is the hallmark of the great singers). You have a great future ahead of you my dear one! I would be honoured to do a song with you, that would be just too kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps we ccould discuss the logistics of such an endeavour, that is when you find the time to do so. Until.............. Peace, Carol Your music is really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allow me to say how wonderfully gifted you are Marco, I am a life long fan now. Keep doin your thing, your success is just around the corner, you just have not caughty up with it as yet, but you will, I hve full faith in that. Until, keep

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