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Mari Hergesheimer


great job! check me out!

Mari,you have a very unique and individual sound and it could be a major asset. The Industry is always looking for "different" and you have it. I would call it a sexy,soothing voice that doesn't create a listener fatigue like so many singers do. Keep moving forward and don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Success ALWAYS starts inside of you,and then manifests outside into your career.

RJ Locklear

Hey..sounds good:). I'm new to this tune97 thing but i'm just looking. Check out my site and see what u think. -RJ-

Mari Hergesheimer

Finnally rec. my voice, and covered a song i like...XP

Mari Hergesheimer

hmm =( hatd to think im pretty...=( acuually to be honest...feel


im taken also, taken for granted :(

Mari Hergesheimer

im taken..

pretty.. do u have a boyfrend?

Mari Hergesheimer

well i thought i can..rec. i already made song...=( and i thought u can sing that for the contest....=( im confused fuck, its 5 am xD

post a song

hi, where is your song?

Mari Hergesheimer


i like ur smile

hi im alyssa, i like singing too. keep it up.

Mari Hergesheimer

ty..but i dont think so..i just like to sing..=)..

you're so pretty

just passin by to hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

hi, iv been to japan.. its a nice place..

nice smile...

ya i agree.. asians r hot..


simply beautyful.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm..

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