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About Lauren Medway
Sept 08. Have had a really busy year with competitions and performances. Started the year by getting through to last stages of Britain's got talent! What an amazing experience singing in front of Simon Cowell! He said that one day i'll be a millionaire! Then auditioned for Live & Unsigned and won my regional final which put me into the national final. I was the youngest competitor in each of the four rounds! I did not win the national, but gained great experience and wrote my own song called "My Perfect Dream" for the regional final. You can hear it on here, it's song number 1. Have just finished a 20 week summer season performing on Bournemouth pier with some wonderful people called "The Magic of Laughter". My thanks to Phil Lowen for believeing in me and getting me the job! Getting ready to perform in a showcase in October and preparing for Britains Got talent auditions later on this year. I will be back in the recording studio next month to record a few more tracks. STOP PRESS!!!6th october 06. I had a call from a TV producer two weeks ago after she heard me sing at a talent contest she produced which was judged by Kevin Godley from 10cc,Jonathan shalit ( the founder of Charlotte Church ) and Mike O'keefe video commisioner for Sony BMG, to say that someone from the R&A department from Sony BMG was coming to hear me sing. That happend last week and all went well. I had another call from her today to say that the chairman from Sony was coming down along with a man from R.C.A to listen to me in a few weeks time!!!!!!! Watch this space! April 07...... Lot's of good things happened since then and lots of things on the horizon. You can listen and watch me on youtube as well!
Lauren Medway


omg u are so good u dont even sound like ur 11 wow i was very impressed we could be friends im ten and plus i live in south carolina so we could some day

Alexis Young

Omgosh you r soo good. May b one day we can do a duet!!-Ellie (alexis)

Peter Abbott

Very nice sing Lauren. Take a bow! Do you have any friends who can come and vote for you as a visitor! Good Luck. I hope you win! Hugs, Peter



All i can say is WOW

ah bless your voice is so beautiful darling you have very bright future ahead of you and to pull off such strong vocal range and control you have in this song is out standing and touching from someone so young im very impressed. well done love tania k. xxxxxx

Hey Lauren! omg we saw u on britans got talent the other day, u were amazing! ur brother was so cute, gutted he did'nt get in. bless him. Keep up the good work! best of luck to you in the future! X x Luv Asiya & Sadiya x x x x x

Hey Lauren! omg we saw u on britans got talent the other day, u were amazing! ur brother was so cute, gutted he did'nt get in. bless him. Keep up the good work! best of luck to you in the future! X x Luv Asiya & Sadiya x x x x x

Lauren Medway

On behalf of Lauren, I would just like to say THANK YOU to all those lovely people who have posted wonderful comments, and to those jelous people who's rude and unkind comments have been deleted, we have your email addresses and know who you are. If you think you or your family can do better, lets see it! Why have you never beat Lauren or her brother and sister in any of the same competitions that you have entered? Lauren, you are BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Take me to that dream. Wonderful

You are just brilliant! Not just your singing but you! for the sweet kind person that you are. loads of hugs, keep it going angel. Love You xxx

Maria Roberts

Lovely voice sweetie, I can just imagine what you will sound like at 18 if your this good at 11.

immay thompson

i miss my family with that song

To That Person Below Saying That Laurens Trying To Trick You. Shes Definetely Not! Im A Friend And Have Heard Her Sing Plently Of Times And Know That It Most Definetely Her On All 3 Songs!

yeah do good

absolutely lovely...

Amanda Mai

hey! it is nice that you are young but what i am having trouble understanding is why the fisrt and the third song sound like they are done by the same person but the second one is a totally different person?!?! are you trying to trick people cause we are not stupid!

Little girl,you are awesome!!!do not ever stop,you have a big future ahead of you..your friend, Jimmy Hooland

i love it

Wow! You put many adult singers to shame! Fantastic.


omg you have such a lovely voice lol is it you in that picture,if it is than i'll say you are really talented for your group of age

Great, Great, Great!!!

Well done Laura, put up some more..loves ya honey Cher x

hey lauren excellent singing from a close friend rebecca


You are sooo gifted. Don't stop here...Broadway is calling.

country charley

you have a awesome voice, take your gift as far as you can....good luck, country charley

Peter Abbott

Hi Lauren, Beautiful singing. Good luck to you in your singing ambitions. Hugs, Peter

Hi Lauren, i just heard your tunes and they are so very great to listen to...congratulations girl, you did a gud job with that sweet voice. You have my support :)

Erika Kepler

Lauren, Wow you are amazing! You remind me of you a few years ago. Keep going! It will pay off! I know it's hard and frustrating at times but it's all worth it if you really love to sing! Take care Erika

Hi ya Lauren, as always beautiful ya lots, you go girl...Cher x x

Shanay Nicole  L.

What a beautiful voice you have! can't wait to hear more!

hey im alex xx i cn c u as a top singer wen ur older ur amazing!! u got some voice hun xx keep da singin up!? lov ya xxxx

SOunds as though you are about to follow Charlotte Church and Julie Andrews!!!! Good Luck!!!

Hushabye. A beautiful song sung by a very beautiful voice. 9? Awesome!!

I liked listening to all your songs especially Do rah me

you go girl

hi Lauren ur voice is amazing. steph

Fantasic voice. Big future ahead.

Dawn Tebbe

Hi Lauren, I love the 'Hushabye Mountain'Song. You sing it beautifully. I could listen to your voice all day long. You should be on TV in a musical. You know like the film 'Anastia' You would famous. Well done!

Wow I am shocked as well...have never heard someone your age sing so well...awesome job!

Wow what a great Voice. I am shocked.

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