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Hi everyone, i live in Scotland with my partner and my beautiful son of 3 1/2 i have always loved to sing since a young age ,i love going to karaoke's and also singing at home, i am so glad i found this site it's great to get your voice heard, i have chosen 3 songs, 1st is Closest thing to crazy 2nd is Stay (i missed you) and 3rd more of a get up and dance tune Reach for the stars, these are all karaoke versions i recorded at home, please have a listen turn up the volume and enjoy!! good luck to everyone! i would love to hear any comments you may have good or bad thankyou for visiting and i hope you have enjoyed your visit to my pages love lornax
lorna mcintyre



Good point. I hadn't thohgut about it quite that way. :)

Hello! It's Emanuele from Italy. It's nice to listen your songs. My e-mail is, if you can write, I'll be glad. Greet me your family! Bye!

Hi Lorna! It's me, do you remember? How is your family? Your songs are lovely, if you can write to Bye! Emanuele!

Hi Lorna! It's me, do you remember? How is your family? Your songs are lovely, if you can write to Bye! Emanuele!

Hi Lorna! It's Emanuele from Italy, if you can write to I like your songs

Peter Abbott

Hi Loma, Nics sing on this swell song and top marks from me. Hugs, Peter

Very nice song. !!!!


Hi Lorna nice to see you here, I loved your rendition of closest thing to crazy, why dont you enter it on online popstar? I have found kellys page, for some reason I cannot hear the song, has she actually submitted one yet? Linda x

Dawn Tebbe

Hi Lorna, many thanks for your comment. Looking forward to seeing you on X factor. It must be very exciting for you now. :0) You have a beautiful voice. Dawn xxxx

Shanay Nicole  L.

Well you were very close in the contest. How exciting! I always like comin by to her your song Reach for the stars:) take care!

keep practicing

brilliant lorna hope you win go lorna, go lorns

Monica Olson

beautiful voice...awesome go girl! Good luck!!!

thank u for inviting me to listen its really good..and i wnat u to win soo much!

Nice and natural... well done, u deserve to do well! :o)

Good luck with the contest!

Very good voice, and easy listening. Go girl!

Hi Lorna love the pics, and the 3rd song is my favourite, you have my vote you go girl (fantastic) xxxxxxxxxx

hi rynn told me about this web site and that a had to hear u sing! think ur great and he hopes u win! good luck,xx

awrite lorna, guess who? i didnt realise how good a singer u actually were, hope u win this competition x

wonderful, i don't know which is my favourite now, once again keep the good singing up love kimzie xx

I've heard your first song and I like your voice: it's not a lie, it's like to listen a CD and I tell you Congratulations Bye! Ema!

Excellent! you go for it girl, i have tryed out a few others on the site and i pretty much think your the best, the only negative thing i have to say is watch the backing music isn't to loud..on your song reach i thought it was slightly load we want to hear your fantastic voice well done Lorna! my favourite is closest thing to crazy 10 out of 10 for that one

Shanay Nicole  L.

Just wonderful! Very talented and keep it up! Sounds great!

Dawn Tebbe

I Love Lorna, We all got up and danced. Well done. I can't wait to hear more from you. :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done lorna, i think you should get your self down to the next x factor audition and let simon hear you i think you can make it once again WELL DONE love kimberley xxx

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