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Scott "Spyder" Smith


Awesome blog.Really thank you! Want more. ozza

Great article but it didn't have evihntreyg-I didn't find the kitchen sink!



I love your voice it has a rough edge to it, and it shows your emotion!


I love ur voice!!! :) It's got character yet a whole lot of sweetness in it...:) this is really good :)


Glad you like the song thanks for your support. Like the song dos it have a name? Check out my band on myspace Thanks again

very good. like the sound. easy to listen to. thank u for sharing your gift.

Casey Lynn

Awesome!! I voted for you. I loved the song!

Great pipes man! Enjoyed your song!

Thanks Spyder.

Hey, Spyder, can you do us a small favour? Go to our page and tell us if you can hear all three songs that we uploaded. I'm only hearing song one and it appears on link two and link three as well.Cheers mate.


very nice music! keep up the great work! hugs and Kisses ALexandra

There's nothing better I like than a guitar and vocals both giving out emotionional vibes. Great stuff. If you can put some more on I listen again and again.


Hi Scott, Very Talented! I think you're going to make it really big. Keep up the great work. What part of Ohio are you from? I was born in Covington, Ky. I wish you all the best! Please visit my page and take a listen to my singing and please vote as I am one of the contestants in the Singing contest. Thank you. I will be checking back to see how far you've come. God Bless & Best Wishes, LaurieAnn


your music pulls you...keep will make it.

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