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About Whitney Morgan
Whitney Morgan

Don Armstrong

Great voice.

Amazing voice! I love thus song!


great job! check me out!

You have an amazing voice!

Whitney Morgan

Absolutely Brilliant! I saw you perform at one of the Midwest's greatest fairs and you absolutely rocked the house!!

This was ok but you're being compared to the pro's.Put up an original or something we havent heard to show us your indivuality.

Dawn Tebbe

Wow, I have heard a few people sing this and no one compares to you. You have a beautiful voice!

Nathalie J

your voice is just breathtaking... speachless

Shanay Nicole  L.

Beautiful voice! Great job. You definately have talent!

Beth Faieta

I like your voice! You should put another song on your page!

billy Rose


Excellent voice, girl! The best of luck to you.

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