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isabelle Salvador Banadera


wow! keep it up p0! we can sing a duet. hehehe.. ganda po ng voice mo!

isabelle  Salvador Banadera

Tnx for visiting my site ^_^

nice voice.. keep it up.. keep on dreamin' gurl!!!! hope u'l achieve ur dreams..u

Ganda mo. bagay ka maging singer o artista... good luck...

hi yishin! nice voice! keep it up! don't forget us in case you become famous ok? lolz... beautiful song...

nice...exelent voice...

Thank you for your comment! Practice makes perfect! So keep it up!



wow!. whattan amazing voice! kip it up.. just need a 'lil practice. proud of yah, cztah! [=

your pronounciation has improved! Must practice more on your note, let it be more stable! Keep it up~

hao ting a... good voice

good voice... more practice and it would be better...

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